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Embracing Challenges: A Journey into Pune Metro Rail's Concourse Roof Lobby Project


As the vibrant city of Pune continues to grow, so does its need for efficient and advanced transportation systems. One of the significant steps towards fulfilling this demand is the Pune Metro Rail Project. The project not only promises to transform the city's commuting experience but also presents a golden opportunity for professionals in the construction and engineering sector. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at a specific facet of the project—the Concourse Roof Lobby—and the unique challenges and opportunities it brings for those involved in its execution.

Project Scope:

The Concourse Roof Lobby of the Pune Metro Rail Project is a crucial component that requires meticulous planning and execution. Our responsibilities encompass providing fabrication, erection, and sheeting drawings, along with a comprehensive structural Bill of Quantities (BOQ). The integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) adds a layer of sophistication, ensuring a seamless workflow and enhanced project visualization.

Detailing with BIM Modeling:

Detailing forms the backbone of any construction project, and the Concourse Roof Lobby is no exception. The utilization of BIM modeling proves instrumental in creating a virtual representation of the structure. This aids in identifying potential clashes, optimizing construction sequences, and streamlining communication among project stakeholders. Our commitment to precision detailing ensures that every element of the project is accurately represented in the digital domain before it takes physical form.


The Concourse Roof Lobby project comes with its unique set of challenges, each requiring innovative solutions for successful execution.

Complicated Design Drawing:

The complexity of the design drawings demands a thorough understanding of the structural intricacies. Our team is committed to unraveling the intricacies and translating them into a coherent plan of action.

Built-up Tapered Section for Column Rafter:

The use of built-up tapered sections for column rafters introduces intricacies in fabrication and erection. Our expertise in working with diverse structural configurations positions us well to tackle this challenge effectively.

Heavy Section Size for Roof Purlin and Girt:

The project's requirement for heavy section sizes in roof purlins and girts necessitates careful consideration of load-bearing capacities and structural integrity. Our engineers are dedicated to ensuring that these elements not only meet the specifications but also exceed performance expectations.

Steel Connection with RCC Structure:

The integration of steel connections with RCC structure poses a unique challenge that demands seamless collaboration between different materials. Our commitment to interdisciplinary coordination ensures that these connections are not just robust but also harmoniously integrated into the overall structure.


The Pune Metro Rail Project's Concourse Roof Lobby presents a golden opportunity to contribute to the city's infrastructure. By navigating the complexities of design, addressing challenges head-on, and leveraging advanced technologies like BIM modeling, we are poised to make a lasting impact. Our commitment to precision, innovation, and collaboration sets the stage for a successful venture that will not only stand as a testament to our capabilities but will also become an integral part of Pune's expanding metropolitan landscape.

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