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Crafting Elegance in Industry: The Unique Industrial Staircase By KTSC


In the realm of industrial design, innovation often takes centre stage, pushing the boundaries of conventional construction to create structures that are not only functional but also aesthetically captivating. One such masterpiece that stands out in the world of industrial staircases is the Deck Platform Staircase designed by KTSC. This project goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing a blend of artistic elements, intricate connections, and a unique industrial aesthetic.

Design by KTSC:

KTSC, known for their avant-garde designs, took on the challenge to create a Deck Platform Staircase that would not only serve its functional purpose but also stand as a piece of industrial art. Their scope included providing design, fabrication, erection, and sheeting drawings along with a detailed Structural Bill of Quantities (BOQ).

Challenges Faced:

The project posed several challenges that required ingenuity and expertise to overcome: 

Complicated Structural for Shop Drawing:

The intricate structural design demanded meticulous attention to detail in the shop drawings. KTSC navigated through the complexity, ensuring that every element was accurately represented in the plans.

Artistic Elements - Circular Pipe Sections:

Stringer and Landing Beam, integral components of the staircase, were designed using circular pipe sections, adding an artistic flair to the industrial structure. This choice not only served a functional purpose but also elevated the aesthetic appeal of the entire staircase.

Hybrid Connections:

The connection type employed a hybrid approach, seamlessly combining shop weld and site weld. This innovative connection strategy not only enhanced the structural integrity but also expedited the installation process.

Grating Treads:

Tread innovation took center stage with the incorporation of grating treads, contributing to an industrial aesthetic. Beyond their visual appeal, these treads offered durability and improved traction, addressing both safety and design concerns.

Custom Handrail Design:

The handrail, an often-overlooked component in industrial staircases, became a focal point in this project. KTSC opted for a custom pipe size, creating a unique and distinctive look that perfectly complemented the overall design.


The Deck Platform Staircase by KTSC is a masterpiece that exemplifies the fusion of creativity and engineering excellence. From addressing intricate design challenges to incorporating artistic elements like circular pipe sections and custom handrails, every aspect of this project was approached with innovation in mind. The result is a staircase that not only serves its utilitarian purpose but also stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities when design and functionality converge in the industrial realm. KTSC has once again demonstrated their prowess in pushing the limits of conventional industrial design, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of architectural innovation.

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