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We are club of passion , dedication & Expertise. Constant efforts made us what we are today and our desire to make this society better will thrive our future.

What we stand For 

KTSC is an Independent firm of Planners, Designers, Engineers, architects & consultants from industrial Projects expertise. We work on engineering aspects of industrial structures to help our clients to solve there most complex challenges- Turning Exciting ideas into reality.

Business Discussion

Offices in 3+ Cities

60+ Employees

300+ Clients 

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Our Story

Over an Decade KTSC has been at forefront of the most challenging design of Industrial & Commercial Structures. We have also been a part of various prestigious special projects which needed extreme skill and efforts. We have always stand with our customers to solve challenges of there projects and made them successful by implementing new techniques and Engineerings. 

Environment here

We Believe in making leaders and thats what we are doing it from so many years. We have always motivated our employees to think beyond there limit , we have created a environment which realises them as an incharge of a mission. We have seen changing them from a trainee graduate to an powerful leader.

Go Team
Future Ready

We see future more clearly though key trends in Industrial design, Innovations, technology &  economy and challenge our teams to work with our clients to advise on solutions that are both ready for today and the years to come.

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