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We at Kalinda provide Design and Detailing services for various complex engineering projects. Our Services cover entire civil & structural engineering with detailed construction/ Fabrication drawings. Our highly skilled technical team has understanding of all international codes like BS, IS, ACI, AISC, ASCE, EC, API, AS, IBC etc.
Our services includes: 

  1. Static, wind and seismic load analysis

  2. FEM analysis

  3. 3d Models and preparation of shop drawings and erection drawings

  4. ​Design reports (IIT standards)


We design Offshore platform (Topside and jacket structure) which subjected to different loading conditions from onshore fabrication yard to the installation location in the deep sea.
We provide cost-effective structural design solutions focused on constructability, safety, and ease of installation.

Oil Gas Platform

We offer all type of structural engineering services for various power plants:

  • Hydro Power Plant

  • Thermal Power Plant

  • Solar Power Plant

  • Nuclear Power Plant

  • Gas Power Plant

  • Turbine Power Plant

Power Plants kalinda
Process Plants kalinda
  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Refinery

  • Water

We provide complete structrual design for various components of process plants like utility buildings, warehouses, process building, control rooms. We cover :

  • Chemicals 

  • Food & Beverages

  • Paper & Pulp 

We provide complete structural design solutions for sugar industry which includes all major parts of sugar plants:

  • Mill House 

  • Boiling House 

  • Drier House

  • Molasses House 

  • Boiler House

  • Power House

  • Sugar Godowns

  • Cooling towers

Sugar Plants Kalinda
Chimney Design Kalinda

We provide design and detailing and Rcc foundation design of self supporting and guyed steel chimneys. Chimneys required to be designed for lateral forces like wind and seismic and at the same time its foundation plays a critical role in its stability. We provide certificate for all our designed chimneys.

A most important structure employed in any plant project. With height of 100m having heavy loads attached at top it almost act like a reverse pendulum. These structures are highly sensitive to lateral and dynamic loads. It requires high skills of structural engineering to design a structure like this. We provide complete technical solution of Boiler supporting structures.

Boiler Supporting Structure
Piperack Design

It is very important to design pipe racks properly. Serious issues result from improper design and ill calculated load combinations. It is the task of designer to evaluate and design  the pipe racks and ensure overall stability.

Monorail cranes serves a lot of purposes in any industry whether to lift small or heavy loads. It is also required sometime to design such cranes for cantilever lifts. These cantilevers can be used to reach areas beyond the support columns of the system such as over a pit or dock area. Standard capacities range from 1 to 25 ton with larger capacities available up to 100 ton. We provide right design services for monorail cranes supporting structures.

Monorail Design Kalinda

Spreader beams and lifting beams are below-the-hook lifting devices that lift loads with single or multiple attachment points. They act as a crosspiece for spacing the hooks or chains that hold loads such as bundles, rolls, cylinders, and machinery. We have great experience designing and building heavy duty material handling equipment such as lifting beams and spreader beams for use in primary steel mills, steel service centers, pulp and paper mills, power plants and in difficult environments with varied crane layouts.

Spreader Beam design
Walkway Bridges Design

Platforms and walkways enable personnel access to elevated work spaces. They can also be called grating planks, catwalks, or industrial footbridges. Workers utilize these industrial and commercial access ways to inspect and address equipment, structures, and machinery. Systems typically employ planks or decking, structural supports, framing, hardware, and accessories such as handrails, access gates, stairs, ladders, and kick plates. They are closely related to industrial mezzanines, but are meant to facilitate access, not supplement floor space.

Mezzanine Platforms Design

Applications for industrial Mezzanine are extensive, and suitability for a particular application is often a consequence of the materials of construction and pathway dimensions, including available floor space for structural supports. Common examples include:​

  • Accessibility platforms for hand-picking in warehouses

  • Maintenance walkways under bridges

  • Observation walkways over production lines or plant floors

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