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Pre Engineered Buildings.

We Provide complete solutions for Pre engineered buildings right from estimation to analysis, design, detailing, sheeting design and certifications. Our team has expertise in responding to daily challenges of PEB manufacturers whether it is urgent quote, design query or any other shop query . With expertise of more than 3000+ project and 250+ customers, We are India's most reputed and reliable consultants for PEB manufacturers. 

Our design team is well equipped with all cutting edge software's as well as self developed software's with the help of which we provide most economical designs . We are well appreciated by most of the PEB manufacturers for our one hundred percent accuracy and rapid response.


Estimation plays a critical role in any engineering project. Overestimation and underestimation have serious repercussion and we as consultants are acutely aware and understand the need for correct estimates.  We at Kalinda strive to provide most accurate estimate for any type of PEB structure in record time.  Our Estimates are very detailed with weight of each and every component starting from main frame, bracings, sheeting and fit outs to bolts specifically mentioned. Our Estimates go through a rigorous check as we understand that any error can result in serious consequences for our clients.  Our clients knowing they possess most accurate estimate confidently bid and win projects in any geography. 


We at Kalinda are abreast with the most advanced software and have a robust system and process to deliver best optimized design and analysis services to our customers.  We routinely keep our self-update with the current developments in Structural engineering. Our mastery over standard codes of practise like the BIS, AISC, BS and IBC code leads to production of sound engineering designs.
The systems and process implemented at Kalinda ensure all critical aspects of Analysis and Design go through rigorous checks and it adheres to our commitment to zero error policy. We even do manual calculations to ensure that the software output is correct within the tolerance limits. Delivering high quality, optimized and error free design is the motto of our design team.
Our design reports are exhaustive, standardized, of highest quality engineering practise and have been vetted by IITs, IISc, NIT and other premier Institutes in India. Our quality engineering design report helps clients to get faster approvals from regulating authorities.



Our Design Reports are provided with Design drawings for better understanding and visualization. The design drawing sets are quite exhaustive covering Plan layout, anchor bolt layouts, frame elevations views, secondary framing plans and elevations and 3D views.  Also based on the project  design drawings for Mezzanine, crane, machine layouts etc are also provided.  The design considerations are specifically mentioned so that suppliers and fabricator have better understanding of the project. 



Detailed drawings play most crucial role in the success of any engineering project. Good detailed drawings reduce the chances of error by more than 80%. The rigorous standards and processes followed at Kalinda ensure error free detailed drawings delivered to our customers. We have best system in place to handle every aspect of detailed engineering like Modelling, Clash checking, producing shop drawings, erections drawings, BOMs, NC,CNC files and DXFs.  Our clients have appreciated us for cent percent accuracy and quality deliverables.

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