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Developing Ideas for Industry Improvisations.

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Metal Building Shades

Metal Building Shades

The book having a collections of high quality rendered images of 1500+ design with each design shown in 10 popularly available colors in Indian market.It will help customers to choose a best suitable elevation design and color for there buildings.

Buildquo Software

Buildqo​ ®​

Buildqo is professional metal building quotation software specially designed to suit PEB manufacturers requirements. Buildqo is the ultimate tool for quotation automation. You can add project details with lot of pre added options and upon adding design weight Buildqo will provide detailed quotation with details technical specification and pricing.

Data on a Touch Pad

Analysis Softwares

KTSC lab develops software programs for analysing steel and RCC buildings. This Increased Speed and Accuracy of our Engineering Process helping us to complete designs well before the deadline.

Corner of a Roof Gutter

Gutter X

Gutter X is a computer program which guides a right size of gutters and downspout locations required for a complex roof shapes. It autoanalyses the flow of heavy rain and water accumulations and suggest downspouts to remove the water faster. 

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