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Light  Gauge


The fundamental principles of Light Gauge Steel Structures are basically derived from Timber structures. So in a Timber Structure if all components are designed and replaced by suitable  Cold Formed Steel sections then it results in a very light weight framing structure technically  named as Light Gauge Framing Structures (LGFS)
Cold formed Steel members are of uniform quality and are termite and rot proof. Generally all Cold formed Steel members are coated which makes them resistant to corrosion.
Cold formed Steel members are used extensively in the construction industry as secondary load-carrying members, such as roof purlins and wall girts. In recent years, Cold formed Steel members are also increasingly being employed as primary structural elements.
Due to their typically large flat width-to-thickness ratios, cold formed Steel members are inherently susceptible to local, distortional and global buckling modes, resulting in a complex design and optimisation process for LGFS.
We at Kalinda have years of experience and expertise handling complex LGFS projects. Kalinda provides complete solution for LGFS projects right from Ideation, Planning, Modelling, Analysis, Design and Detailing. 

LGFS Design

We at Kalinda use Standard software’s to develop Architectural and Structural models. Our Models are detailed to include all components and special care is take to include details like windows, doors, partition walls, staircase and mezzanine floors. We also do the LOD3, LOD4, LOD5 BIM modelling for LGFS structures.
To briefly  outline our LGFS Modelling includes,

  • Specialty Architectural Component Design

  • Custom Interior Ceiling and Suspension Framing Systems

  • Architectural Features  Framing

  • Secondary Structural Steel Design

  • Miscellaneous Metals for Framing Solutions

  • Framing Trusses, Walls and Mezzanine floors.

LGFS Truss


  • Light Gauge Steel Trusses

  • Stud wall

  • Truss Bracing

  • Truss Connections

  • Truss to Truss, Truss to Structure

  • Roof Deck Assembly

  • Shear Transfer Framing

  • Eave Edge Structural Supports

  • Valley, Hip, and Ridge Structural Supports

LGFS 3d Frames


  • Engineered Cold Formed Steel Framing Shop Drawings and Calculations

  • Pre-fabricated Building Solutions

  • Exterior and Interior Framing

  • Floor, Wall and Roof Truss Framing for Site or Shop Fabrication

  • Design Development Services

  • Low-rise and Mid-rise Load Bearing Framing Systems

  • Panelized Framing Design and Drawings

  • Site Reporting and Inspections

  • Design Assist of Enclosure Framing Systems

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