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Mezzanines (also known as Raised Storage Platforms) allows to change empty overhead space into usable storage areas - depending on the size of the facility, mezzanine or raised storage platform structures can be one, two or more levels high. These storage solutions allow to leverage potential storage space in the existing facility without having to pay for expensive relocation or reconstruction costs. Whether one is  looking to increase the bulk floor storage, shelving or carton flow pick systems - mezzanines are a cost effective option for increasing  existing storage space.
We provide all type of mezzanine design consultancy right from estimation to shop drawings and certifications.

We provide quick estimation for all type of mezzanine project which includes weights for primary secondary and flooring. Our estimates included design parameter including loads and codes data. With the help of our estimates you can provided competitive quotes to your customers.

Mezzanine Estimation
Mezzanine Analysis

We provide design for mezzanine structures by using hot rolled , Built-up beams and cold form sections. We design platforms for loads vary from 200 to 5000 kg/m2 by using various Indian and American codes. We provide design drawings including all section sizes, connection details and load data. Post design we also provide complete 3d detailing for mezzanine structure which includes shop drawings, BOM and erection drawings. We follow strict guidelines for accuracy in our shop drawings. We provide loads and design certificate with each of our project.

Unlike commercials, residential , industrial staircase engineering need to meet IS, IBC or OSHA standards for effective use. Rise going, nosing, handrails etc need to be perfectly designed to prevent any accident. We provide designs for stairs, handrails strictly to be in line of codes and with best aesthetics . 

Mezzanine 3d
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